I'm A Different Photographer

If you have researched photographers you have likely ran into some of the same complications that many people run into. I'd like to highlight some of those and point out why I'm different. Now of course I believe you should look at a photographers portfolio, ask them a ton of questions, get to know the terms and conditions of their contract, and decide if they are a good fit for you and your needs. Not every photographer is right for you and that includes me. I certainly don't consider myself a better photographer than others, just different.

  1. Number of Photos - Most photographers fee includes a certain number of photos; around 15, with the option to purchase more photos. I go a different route and include ALL digital photos that meet my standard. It is not uncommon for a game session to include 80-100 or more photos. I do state in my contract that you will receive a minimum of 15 photos, but can't think of a time a client only received the minimum. I also provide you a coupon if you wish to purchase prints from your online gallery.
  2. Input - Some photographers want the final say and input on posing and how the photo session is run and won't take suggestions. I take a more fluid approach and believe we are working as a team to create something special and memorable. If you have ideas or poses you want to do or try then lets do it. If you don't that's okay too. Many of my favorite poses for have come from impromptu ideas from clients as we worked together.
  3. Lighting Conditions - You've probably heard photographers say you MUST shoot during "Golden Hour" in order to get the best lighting. While I certainly agree that lighting is extremely important many of my sessions; especially sports, are done in mid-day sunlight. I know my equipment and make adjustments as needed to compensate for the harsh light. I also don't mind spending a little extra time during the editing process to ensure your photos look amazing. This allows me to schedule a time for your session that fits your schedule.
  4. Don't Do.... - Have you ever reached out to a photographer because you like their work only to be told "I don't do......." whatever type of photography you need or want? I get it. I'm much better at sports and action type photography where I don't have to pose people, but if you like my style of photography I'll definitely entertain the idea of your photo shoot. Doing things out of my comfort zone only make me an all around better photographer.

These are just a few examples of how I'm different than your average photographer. Want to know more then reach out and lets talk. You'll never know if I'm the right photographer for you unless you contact me. Talk to you soon.