Who knew?

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to expand on my photography. I never really thought Rodeo would become one of my favorite things to photograph. After talking with a friend about the possibilities of photographing rodeo he connected me with the Utah Valley University Rodeo program. They invited me out to a couple of practices before the end of the season and I instantly fell in love. There was something about the smell of the rodeo ground in the early morning hours. I was amazed at the teamwork between cowboy/cowgirl and their horse. All of the athletes were extremely welcoming, genuine, and down to earth. As I took photos I wasn't sure that anything would turn out that great, but to my surprise some of my most liked work has been the rodeo photos found HERE. Some of the obstacles I had to overcome were low lighting early in the morning, glaring sun as it rose, and dust, dust, and more dust. Even with all the obstacles I was able to capture some awesome photos. I definitely want to capture more rodeo moments in the future.