Why Youth Sports?

I often get asked why I enjoy photographing youth sports. I'm told it seems like a step back from the professional sports I've had the privilege of photographing. To tell you the truth I love capturing the moments of our children enjoying a game they love as it was intended to be enjoyed.

My son plays soccer and it won't be long until I wish for the days when he was little. I'll wish I would have captured more moments of the pure joy on his face as he plays the game. I'll wish for the game day excitement and a smile to his mom and dad after he scores a goal. This will all pass in the blink of an eye. We never take the time to capture enough of the moments of our children doing the things they love. Most of us would give anything to get those memories back and capture just one more game. I love photographing youth sports because I see the importance of capturing our children doing things that bring them joy. Nobody ever says that they wish they would have captured fewer moments in life. I would love to capture your child's sporting event. Find out more about my MVP Package HERE.