Feel like an MVP

In this post I will give you some ideas to help make your youth athlete feel like the MVP that they are. The photos alone have received comments like "This is FIRE!", "I didn't know I played like that!", and "I look sooooo awesome!", but can we do more to make the experience even more enjoyable? Absolutely!!! Here are some ideas.

  1. Autograph session - Order prints directly from the photo gallery for family and friends. Don't tell your athlete about this, but the next time they are visiting friends or family have them ask for an autograph or better yet the next time they come to a game have them ask after the game. Watch your young athletes face light up as they sign these photos just like the pros.
  2. Get a poster - I custom make posters in 8x10 or 16x20 for young athletes. These are a very popular add on that they can display on their walls or sign and give as gifts to friends and family. Example posted below.
  3. Uniform Reveal - When a professional soccer team gets a new uniform they set a reveal date to display the new kit. In the same fashion we can do a separate session to reveal your young athletes new uniform. Most athletes like to do this as an announcement of changing clubs or making it onto a Premier Team.
  4. Announcement - Want to announce a club change, scholarship, or other recognition? We can do a portrait session tailored to whatever announcement you want to make. We do this with a "Announcement Coming Soon" digital that you can post to social media. We also custom make an announcement card that you can either print or use on social media.
  5. Portrait Session - Add an individual portrait session to the game day session. This is a discounted session that can be done before a game or on a completely different day.
  6. Arrival Session - Sometimes the best photos come before a game. Some kids wear headphones as they walk to the field/court. Maybe they have a locker that has their uniform hung up. A pre-game arrival session is perfect for capturing those moments.

The ideas are only limited by our imagination. If you have other ideas you would like to share with me or you would like to book your session then reach out. See you at the game!